1. Hanging Around

  2. The Daily Song: 365 More Meditations on Music

  3. Value of Virtue

  4. Hang in There

  5. Hearty Hang

  6. Hang Tight and Chill

  7. The Daily Bridge: 365 More Meditations on Music

  8. Favor Savior

  9. The Daily Chorus: 365 More Meditations on Music

  10. A Good Day of Love

  11. The Daily Verse: 365 Meditations on Music

  12. From the Vault

  13. 2020 Vision

  14. Hanging with the Hang

  15. Strings & Things

  16. Everyday Hero

  17. Spring in Your Step

  18. The Era of Existentialism

  19. Belief System

  20. Sunshine & Rainbows

  21. Something to Hope For Edits

  22. A Public Domain Christmas

  23. Parallel Universe

  24. Sing for Peace (Audiobook by Jim Gaven)

  25. Adios Amigos

  26. Gentle Kind of Touch

  27. You and Only You

  28. Over and Out

  29. Eternal Revelation

  30. Humble Pie

  31. Unveiled: Part 2

  32. Reparation

  33. Unveiled: Part 1

  34. New and Improved

  35. Powerplay

  36. Extra Extra Hear All About it

  37. Club Eternity

  38. The Beauty Around Us

  39. Hip Hop Anonymous

  40. Give in to Rhythm

  41. The Way. The Truth. The Life.

  42. Out of this World

  43. Imagination Recreation

  44. Into the Light

  45. Less is More (Jim Gaven)

  46. Manic Music Manifesto

  47. Finding Your Own Tempo

  48. It's Christmas

  49. Long Live Love

  50. Key of Awesome Music/3A Foundation Fundraiser
    Key of Awesome Music, LLC

  51. Inner Workings

  52. Merry Christmas Baby

  53. Happy Thanksgiving

  54. All Things Are Possible

  55. This Ship
    Jim Gaven and Steve Bow

  56. Reflections

  57. Just Like You and Me

  58. A UkeTide Christmas

  59. In Pursuit of F8th

  60. Road to Calvary

  61. Forever in Love

  62. Make This Moment Last

  63. St. James & The Air Brigade/State of Grace Split Album

  64. Turnaround
    Mouth of Wilson

  65. Define: Close to Heart Intervention

  66. The Gift of Love (Bonus Edition)

  67. The Important Things in Life

  68. Soular System

  69. Cause and Effect
    Postmark Twain

  70. Timing is Everything
    Postmark Twain

  71. Chill Out: East Coast Bonus Edition Compilation CD


Jim Gaven Mount Holly, New Jersey

Armed with the goal of helping others, Jim Gaven's mission is to write songs that make you think of a good time in your life, make you feel good about yourself, and most of all, put a smile on your face. The upbeat singer/songwriter from Hamilton, NJ wants to make a positive difference in the world and truly believes that music has the ability to do that. ... more

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